JRS is the one-stop automotive restyling company that meets all your custom needs, offering services from vinyl wrap, paint protection film to exterior customization with brand name parts and ECU tuning upgrades. From two high-school grads working out of a home garage to owning a 3000 sq.ft. shop space, JRS has always surpassed expectations.

Today, JRS has set the goal beyond its competitors and is creating a league of its own. A league where car customization is not just an exchange of service, but as an exchange of art work.

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Aside from the general public recognizing the great workmanship, dealerships have also seen the same and partnered up with JRS. From Openroad Audi, Volkswagen, Lexus, Brian Jessel Bmw, Cowell Jaguar & LandRover to Dilawri group Porsche and Mercedes, we have built a strong relationship with these dealerships and more. JRS has become the go to vendor for paint protection film and color change wrap service.