“We don’t just wrap cars, we believe we are creating a piece of art work…”

What makes us stand above the rest?

We offer over 300 colors and finishes. The variety includes Gloss, Matte, Metallic, Satin, Gloss/Matte Chrome, Brushed Metallic, Pearls, Carbon Fiber and Color Shift. Vinyl samples and color swatches are available for viewing.

Low quality vinyl can cause durability issues and damages to the paintwork. At JRS, only the top of the line materials are purchased to ensure  the state of art quality.

We don’t just wrap cars, we believe we are creating a piece of art work. We are offering our clients a completely different vision to vehicle restyling.


Why Wrap?

Vinyl wrap is an affordable and versatile option to enhance the look of a vehicle, and creates a unique customs. Most importantly, vinyl wrap can protect the original vehicle paint from natural elements, swirl marks, and more. The protected vehicle paint will ultimately proliferate the resell value of the vehicle.


Installers and Procedures:

  • A thorough pre-wrap preparation is the first step to a flawless and durable wrap.

Vehicle pre-inspection, Hand wash, Paint decontamination, Clay bar process, and IPA wipe down.

  • Certain body parts removal is necessary to achieve a true paint like finish.

Fully trained and experienced technician will carefully remove parts that are only necessary and reinstall pertaining to factory specifications.

  • The importance of our wrap installers.

Our installers are industry certified, trained through various manufacture training programs (3M, Avery). The wrap quality is guaranteed with our installers and 100% backed with Installer Warranty. 


We are proud to offer a range of 3-7 years LIMITED INSTALLER WARRANTY* on ALL of our wrap jobs.

 *This limited warranty does not apply to damages caused by misuse, accident, ordinary wear, rock chips, road debris or natural elements. This warranty is not transferable. For more information, feel free to contact us. 

!!!!Please do not cheap out on your own car. This is what a job from below market price “trained installer” looks like!!!!

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*In response to customers complaining about the long waitlist for full color wrap appointment, we have made the change to no longer offer partial color wrap service. We will only be taking appointments for FULL car color wrap. Please note, this does not apply to PPF, we are still offering partial PPF wrap.