“Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the ultimate protection shield for the paint surface…”

We are revolutionizing the ways of protecting cars. We’ve protected million dollar cars such as LFA, AMG GT Black to Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls Royce being the regulars in the workshop.

What is PPF?

PPF is a urethane based film that protects the paint from rock chips, bird droppings, scratches, swirl marks and minor scuffs. The optically clear PPF will enhance the gloss of the paint and self heal from scratches on the top coat.


  • 8mil thick
  • Extreme clarity
  • Self-healing technology
  • 10 years manufacture warranty
  • SUNTEK and XPEL brand of films

Why PPF?

A respray will diminish the value of the car, create potential color difference between adjacent panels and not as durable as factory paint. The 8mil thick film will protect and prolong the life of the factory paint. Driver can feel confident while driving in any situation. The self-healing technology will also eliminate any surface scratches that may occur from routine wash.

The beauty of PPF is that the product not only services as an protection, but also enhances the clarity and brightness of the paint. The film greatly reduces the amount of “orange peel” and adds a deep gloss to the paint surface.



PPF Applications…

  • Ultimate Package – Full car applicationProviding all around protection
    •  Edges are wrapped where-ever possible. Popular choice for car enthusiasts, sports cars and expensive factory paint.
  • Luxury Package – Full front applicationHood, fenders, bumper, and mirror. (full coverage)Edges are wrapped where-ever possible. Providing protection for the heavy impact areas.
  • Premium Package – Half front applicationFull bumper and mirror (full coverage). Fenders and hood (1/3 coverage).Most popular for leased vehicles. It is less expensive than a repaint for any of the individual body panels. Upon a lease return, knowing the car is wrapped with PPF, the dealerships will not charge for wear and tear.

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