“Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the ultimate protection shield for the paint surface…”


What is PPF?

The urethane based paint protection film protects the paint work from rock chips, bird droppings, insects, gravels, scratches and swirl marks. Once applied, it is virtually invisible due to the high clarity and the self-healing property of the film. The film carries a 10 years manufacture warranty and prolongs the life of your vehicle’s paint.

  • 8mm thick
  • Extreme clarity
  • Self-healing technology
  • 10 years Warranty
  • Zero yellowing / cracking


Why PPF?

Paint protection film is the ultimate solution to protect the paint surface from damages such as rock chips, swirl marks, scratches and mother nature. The 8mm thick film is constructed to service as an armour shield, so the driver can feel confident while driving in any situation. The self-healing technology built into the film will also eliminate any surface scratches that may occur.

Think of PPF as an additional insurance for your OEM paint. The last thing all car owners want is damages the OEM paint. A respray will never be the same. PPF allows the car owners to drive their cars in any conditions and knowing their paint work is fully protected.

The beauty of PPF is that the product not only services as an protection, but also enhances the clarity and brightness of the paint. The film greatly reduces the amount of “orange peel” and adds a deep gloss to the paint surface.

Maserati Levante

PPF Applications…

We offer full car application along with full/half front application.

  • Full car application is for owners wanting the all around protection.
    • Full car application will ensure all painted panels are protected. Edges are wrapped where-ever possible. Popular choice for sports cars and expensive factory optioned paint.
  • Full front application consists hood, fenders, bumper, and mirror.
    • This application covers the heavy impact areas. Especially popular for sports cars and daily drivers.
  • Half front application consists half hood, half fender, full bumper and mirror.
    • The half front application is most popular for leased vehicles. The application price is less expensive than a repaint for any of the individual body panels. Upon a lease return, knowing the car is wrapped with PPF, the dealerships will not charge for wear and tear.